Vijay Gruh Udhyog ( VijayRath )

Category FMCG
Sub-Category Food Products, Fryums, Namkeen,
Company Name Vijay Gruh Udhyog
Product Detail Fryums and Namkeen

Trade Partners Detail

Super Stockist Rs. 2 Lacks - Rs. 5 Lacks
Distributor UP to Rs. 1lac

Business Details

The company was founded in 2004 with name “VijayRath Fryums and Namkeen" at Naroda(ahmedabad)..The brand name was ‘VijayRath"... The compony was founded with an intention to provide people of Naroda a quality fryums and namkeen products And company has experienced a rapid growth....

Expansion Locations

West Gujarat,
Union Territories
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